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Lee Jones | The Steadman Clinic

It all started as one of those weekend ski trips with the “brother-in-law of a friend-of-a-friend” type of deal. And that led to a ski boot manufacturing company turning overnight into a medical supply manufacturer and donating much-needed new protective gear to The Steadman Clinic, Steadman Philippon Research Institute (SPRI) and Vail Health.

Carlee Rose | The Hair Tailor

My job as a hair stylist is not only to make people look great but to feel feel great. Zay face shields make it easy to talk and connect with my clients.  They are comfortable have awesome clarity. It is easy for me to forget I am even wearing one.   

Lydia Slipka | Makeup by Lydia

When a face mask messes up your makeup you opt for a Zay face shield instead! LOVE this product!

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Together we will make it

There has been overwhelming collaboration and support from the community. Thank you to everyone who has stepped up to support the fight against this pandemic.

It is important I can connect with my patients and help them feel comfortable.  The Zay face shield allows them to see my face while providing a barrier from aerosol particles during consultations. 


These face shields block direct droplet contamination of the facemask and face.  They are durable, comfortable, and can be worn all day for patient care situations.”


While we are very pleased with the quantity we are receiving, it is the quality and the craftsmanship that Rex and Zay Products provides that is the most rewarding part of this relationship, but it has gone far beyond just a customer and supplier relationship. Rex and his people are doing this to try to help all of us in need during a very difficult time. We appreciate their help, their concern and their friendship as we live through this outbreak.

LEE JONES | VP of Development & Patient Excellence Programs at SPRI